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Our Corporate Entertainment Options Based in Windsor, ON

Circus Arts

Bring the thrill of the circus to your corporate event with our breathtaking circus arts performances. From aerialists to acrobats, these acts are perfect for adding a touch of wonder and excitement.

Professional Event Staff

Our professional event staff ensures that your corporate event runs smoothly. From coordinators to MCs, we provide the expertise needed to manage your event seamlessly.

Brand Reveal Entertainment

Make a lasting impression with our specialized brand reveal entertainment. Perfect for product launches or rebranding events, our unique performances and displays are designed to showcase your brand in an unforgettable way, creating a buzz and leaving a lasting impact.

Customized Rentals

We provide a range of rental options to enhance the ambiance of your corporate event. From elegant decor to cutting-edge audio-visual equipment, we have everything you need to ensure your event is a resounding success.

Choose Entertainment For Your Event

At Velvet Edge Entertainment, we understand the unique dynamics of corporate events. Located in the vibrant city of Windsor, Ontario, we specialize in turning your business gatherings into spectacular experiences. Whether it's an annual meeting, a product launch, or a team-building event, our diverse range of entertainment options ensures that your corporate event stands out.

Boost Morale and Engagement

Entertainment at corporate events is not just about fun; it's a strategic tool to boost employee morale and engagement. A well-planned entertainment segment can break the ice, encourage team bonding, and leave a lasting impression on your staff and clients.

Enhance Networking Opportunities

Entertainment acts as a natural conversation starter, making it easier for attendees to network in a relaxed and enjoyable setting. This is particularly beneficial at conferences and seminars where networking is a key objective.

Strengthen Brand Image

The entertainment you choose is a reflection of your company's culture and brand. Tailored performances can reinforce your brand message and values, making your event not just memorable but also a strong statement about your organization.

Create a Memorable Experience

Entertainment transforms a standard corporate event into a memorable experience for everyone involved. When employees and clients enjoy unique and creative performances, it creates a lasting memory associated with your company.

Types of Corporate Events We Cater To

Conferences and Seminars

For conferences and seminars, we offer entertainment that is both engaging and relevant to your theme. This includes motivational speakers, interactive workshops, and light-hearted performances to keep the energy high.

Product Launches

Make your product launch unforgettable with bespoke entertainment that complements your product. This could range from themed performances to interactive experiences involving your product.

Team Building Events

Our team-building activities are designed to improve teamwork and communication in a fun and creative environment. From group challenges to collaborative performances, we help strengthen team bonds.

Meetings and Galas

Transform your annual meetings and galas into glamorous and entertaining events. With our range of entertainment options, we ensure these events are not just formal gatherings but memorable celebrations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of entertainment are most suitable for corporate events?

At Velvet Edge Entertainment, we offer a wide range of entertainment options that are perfect for corporate events. This includes circus arts, professional event staff, models, dancers, and customized rentals. The suitability depends on the nature and theme of your event. For instance, aerialists and acrobats are great for adding excitement, while models and dancers can enhance the event's aesthetic appeal.

Can Velvet Edge Entertainment provide services for different types of corporate events?

Yes, Velvet Edge Entertainment caters to a variety of corporate events including conferences, seminars, product launches, team-building events, and annual meetings. We customize our entertainment options to suit the specific needs and themes of your event.

Are the entertainment options customizable according to our corporate event theme?

Absolutely! At Velvet Edge Entertainment, we specialize in providing customizable entertainment options that align with your corporate event theme. We work closely with you to understand your event's objectives and theme, ensuring that the entertainment we provide complements and enhances your event perfectly.

How can entertainment at a corporate event benefit my company?

Entertainment at corporate events can significantly benefit your company. It boosts employee morale and engagement, strengthens your brand image, and enhances networking opportunities. A well-chosen entertainment act can leave a lasting impression on your staff and clients, reinforcing your company's values and culture.

How do I book entertainment services for my corporate event?

Booking entertainment services with Velvet Edge is easy. You can contact us directly at 226-444-1449 or visit our website at to get more information or to make a booking. Our team will assist you in choosing the right entertainment options for your event and provide a seamless booking experience.