Craft Cocktail Bartenders

Craft Cocktail Bartenders

Craft Cocktail Bartenders

Reasons to book

Craft Cocktail Bartenders bring an upscale elegance and sophistication to your event, creating unique and customized drinks to cater to your guest's tastes.

Drawing from an extensive knowledge of mixology, Craft Cocktail Bartenders can provide a memorable and interactive experience for your guests, as they watch their cocktails being crafted with precision and flair.

Enhancing your event with a personal touch, Craft Cocktail Bartenders can theme their cocktail creations to align with your event, be it a corporate function, wedding, or private party.

Incorporating Craft Cocktail Bartenders into your event not only elevates the beverage service, but also provides an entertaining spectacle, as they skillfully mix, muddle, and pour their artful creations.

About the Service

At Velvet Edge, we elevate event experiences with our Craft Cocktail Bartenders. These skilled mixologists offer more than just drinks; they bring a blend of charisma, flair, and artistry to every cocktail, turning your bar into a standout feature. Our bartenders are adept at mixing classic cocktails with contemporary twists, using premium ingredients to create visually stunning and delectable beverages. This not only impresses your guests but also adds a unique vibrancy to your event.

Interactive and Entertaining Mixology

Our Craft Cocktail Bartenders excel in interactive entertainment, ensuring your guests are both engaged and amused. They combine extensive knowledge of spirits, liqueurs, fresh fruits, and herbs with exceptional presentation and customer service. This approach results in an experience that is not just refreshing but also educational and entertaining. With Velvet Edge's bartenders, your event is set to become a memorable highlight.

Transforming Events into Unforgettable Occasions

Choosing Velvet Edge's Craft Cocktail Bartenders means elevating your event from ordinary to extraordinary. Their expertise in creating personalized drink experiences turns every cocktail into a story, making your occasion the talk of the town. Whether it's a corporate gathering, wedding, or any special event, our bartenders add that special edge that leaves a lasting impression on your guests.

Quality Ingredients for Exceptional Cocktails

Quality is at the heart of what our Craft Cocktail Bartenders offer. Using only the finest ingredients, they craft drinks that are not only visually appealing but also rich in flavor. This commitment to excellence ensures that every cocktail served is a testament to the high standards of Velvet Edge's services.

Engaging Your Guests with Craft Cocktail Artistry

Our bartenders are more than just mixologists; they are entertainers who engage your guests with their craft. Their ability to weave entertainment into the art of cocktail making sets them apart, ensuring that your event remains vibrant and engaging throughout.

The Velvet Edge Difference: More than Just a Drink

At Velvet Edge, our Craft Cocktail Bartenders redefine the concept of event beverages. They bring a unique mix of skill, creativity, and interaction, making each drink a central part of your event's success. Choose Velvet Edge for an unmatched cocktail experience that contributes significantly to the success of your event.


Will the Craft Cocktail Bartenders bring their own equipment and ingredients?
Yes, our Craft Cocktail Bartenders come with their professional bartending equipment. However, the ingredients for the cocktails will need to be provided at the event location.
Can we request specific cocktails or a themed cocktail menu?
Absolutely! Our Craft Cocktail Bartenders are versatile and can customize the cocktail menu to suit your event's theme or your specific preferences.
How many Craft Cocktail Bartenders would I need for my event?
The number of bartenders needed can vary based on the size of your event and the number of guests. We can help determine the optimal number to ensure your event runs smoothly.
Can the Craft Cocktail Bartenders accommodate guests with specific dietary restrictions or allergies?
Yes, our bartenders are adept at creating a variety of cocktails and can accommodate requests for non-alcoholic, low-sugar, or allergy-friendly options.
Do the Craft Cocktail Bartenders offer non-alcoholic beverages as well?
Yes, our Craft Cocktail Bartenders can create a range of exciting and flavorful mocktails to cater to guests who prefer non-alcoholic beverages.
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