Mario and Luigi Characters


Reasons to book

Mario and Luigi characters add a lively and interactive element to any event, engaging both children and adults with their lifelike appearances.

Incorporating these beloved video game characters brings a sense of nostalgia and fun, enhancing the overall atmosphere of your occasion.

Invite Mario and Luigi to your event and watch as their entertaining antics uplift the mood and create memorable moments.

With their ability to appeal to a wide age range, Mario and Luigi characters ensure inclusive entertainment that resonates with all attendees.

About the Service

Mario and Luigi Characters: A Hit at Every Event

At Velvet Edge, we aim to make your event unforgettable, and one of our top entertainment options are our Mario and Luigi Characters. These two beloved figures from the video game world will captivate your guests, young and old. Our performers embody these characters in a way that they seem to come alive right out from your childhood memories. Their vibrant personalities and familiar actions bring a level of excitement and joy to any gathering, ensuring that your guests will have an experience they will cherish forever.

Appropriate Entertainment for All Age Groups

Our Mario and Luigi Characters are a unique entertainment option that can entertain children and adults alike. The charm of these characters stems from their universal appeal. Adults will delight in the nostalgia brought by these characters, while children will be thrilled to interact with their favourite video game heroes in person. Whether it's a birthday party, corporate function, or community event in Windsor and Essex County, ON, these characters are sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

Fully Interactive Entertainment
Our Mario and Luigi Characters are not just stand-ins for photo ops - they're fully interactive, engaging with your guests in a variety of entertaining ways. They walk around, greet your guests, participate in games, and engage in amusing antics that will leave your guests laughing and entertained. This immersive entertainment option is perfect for creating a lively and fun atmosphere at your event.

Professional and Quality Service

At Velvet Edge, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality entertainment. Our Mario and Luigi Characters are portrayed by professional performers who are trained to stay in character and provide a lifelike experience. We strive to ensure that your event in Windsor and Essex County, ON, stands out and brings joy and happiness to all your attendees.


Are the Mario and Luigi Characters suitable for small events?
Absolutely! Our characters are versatile and can entertain at events of any size, from intimate gatherings to large-scale functions.
Can the characters participate in specific event activities?
Yes, our characters are fully interactive and can participate in various activities, like games, dances, and more.
Is this service available outside of Windsor and Essex County, ON?
Currently, our Mario and Luigi Characters service is only available within Windsor and Essex County, ON.
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