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Our Birthday Party Entertainment Options

Circus Arts

Add a touch of wonder with our circus performers. From jugglers to acrobats, they bring a captivating and dynamic element to your birthday celebration.

Live Music and DJs

Set the right tone for your party with our selection of live bands and DJs, capable of delivering a variety of musical styles to suit your party theme and preferences.

Interactive Entertainment

Engage your guests with interactive entertainment options like magic shows, photo booths, and game stations that encourage participation and fun.

Visual Arts and Displays

Enhance the ambiance of your party with stunning visual arts and displays, including live painting, light shows, and themed decorations.

Choose Entertainment For Your Event?

At Velvet Edge, we specialize in turning birthday parties into spectacular events. Whether it's a milestone birthday or a casual celebration, our diverse range of entertainment options ensures that your party is not just another gathering, but an unforgettable experience for you and your guests.

Create Unforgettable Memories

Entertainment is the heart of every memorable party. Our unique performances and activities leave lasting impressions, ensuring that your birthday celebration stands out in the minds of your guests for years to come.

Personalize Your Celebration

Every birthday is unique, and so should be its celebration. We offer customized entertainment solutions tailored to reflect your personality and preferences, making your birthday party truly your own.

Engage and Amaze Your Guests

With our wide array of entertainment options, from live music to interactive shows, your guests will be fully engaged and entertained throughout the event, creating a lively and enjoyable atmosphere.

Stress-Free Planning

Organizing a party can be overwhelming, but with Velvet Edge, you can relax. Our experienced team handles all aspects of entertainment, from setup to performance, allowing you to enjoy your special day worry-free.

Types of Birthday Parties We Cater To

Milestone Birthdays

From sweet sixteens to golden jubilees, we specialize in creating entertainment experiences that honor and celebrate significant milestones.

Themed Birthday Parties

Whether it's a roaring twenties bash or a superhero-themed celebration, our entertainers can adapt to any theme to make your vision come to life.

Outdoor Celebrations

Our entertainment options are not limited to indoor venues. We bring the party to life in outdoor settings with performances perfect for garden parties or poolside celebrations.

Children's Birthday Parties

Kids' parties are all about fun and excitement. Our entertainers, from clowns to face painters, are experts at keeping the little ones engaged and entertained.

Frequently Asked Questions

How far in advance should I book entertainment for a birthday party?

We recommend booking as early as possible, especially for popular dates, to ensure availability of your preferred entertainment options.

Is the entertainment suitable for all age groups?

Yes, we offer a wide range of entertainment suitable for all ages. We can provide specific acts that are appropriate for the age group of your guests.

Are the entertainment options customizable according to our birthday event theme?

Absolutely! At Velvet Edge Entertainment, we specialize in providing customizable entertainment options that align with your birthday party theme. We work closely with you to understand your objectives and theme, ensuring that the entertainment we provide complements and enhances your event perfectly.

Can the entertainment be customized to a specific theme?

Absolutely! We thrive on creating custom experiences. Let us know your theme, and we'll tailor the entertainment to match it perfectly.

Do you provide equipment and setup for the entertainment?

Yes, we handle all aspects of the entertainment including equipment, setup, and technical requirements.