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LED Aerial Pole

Reasons to book

Illuminate your event with the customizable colours of the LED Aerial Pole Performer, creating a mesmerizing scene that aligns with your chosen theme.

The LED Aerial Pole can be programmed to match the rhythm of any music, adding a dynamic visual element to your event's entertainment.

Suitable for any style, the LED Aerial Pole enhances the aesthetic of your occasion, no matter the design or decor.

Incorporating elegance into your event, the LED Aerial Pole Performance offers a sophisticated touch while delivering a unique, engaging performance.

About the Service

Introducing the LED Aerial Pole by Velvet Edge

At Velvet Edge, we're always pushing the boundaries of event entertainment, and our latest offering is no exception. We are proud to offer the LED Aerial Pole, a dynamic and visually stunning performance element that can take your event to a whole new level. This innovative entertainment features an acrobat expertly maneuvering around a pole illuminated with LED lights. The lights can be programmed to emit any colour of your choice, perfectly matching your event theme or colour scheme.

Personalized Performances for Every Event

The LED Aerial Pole by Velvet Edge offers a level of customization that is rarely seen in event entertainment. The LED lights on the pole can be programmed to fit the music playing at your event, creating a synchronised light and music performance that will captivate your guests. Whether you're hosting a sophisticated corporate event or a lively birthday party, our LED Aerial Pole can be tailored to fit any style, adding a touch of elegance and excitement to the occasion.

Service Availability in Windsor and Essex County, ON

We understand the importance of local, reliable entertainment, and we're pleased to offer the LED Aerial Pole service to clients in Windsor and Essex County, ON. Our professional performers are ready to bring their skills and expertise to your event, creating unforgettable experiences for all attendees. With Velvet Edge, you can trust that you're choosing a local company with a strong track record of delivering high-quality entertainment.

A Unique Addition to Elevate Your Event

When planning an event, you don't just want it to be good - you want it to be memorable. An LED Aerial Pole Performance can make that happen. It's not just about providing entertainment; it's about creating a spectacle, a focal point that draws everyone's attention and makes your event the talk of the town. Choose Velvet Edge's LED Aerial Pole Performances for a unique, stylish, and captivating performance that your guests won't soon forget.


What type of events is the LED Aerial Pole act suitable for?
The LED Aerial Pole is versatile and can be a great addition to any event, be it corporate events, weddings, festivals, or private parties.
Can the LED Aerial Pole performances be customized to fit my event theme?
Absolutely! The LED lights can be programmed to match any colour scheme, and the performance can be choreographed to fit the music at your event.
Can we specify the colours of the pole or change the sequencing of the colours?
Yes, the LED pole is programmable and we're able to set a sequence to match a performance or music piece.
What's required to rig the LED Aerial Pole?
Our on-site riggers will perform a site assessment to determine if your venue is suitable for safely rigging inside it. Don't worry, even if it's not, we offer our 20' indoor/outdoor Aerial Rig to ensure you can still have this act at your event!
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