Aerial Chains--2-min (1)

Aerial Chains Performer

Aerial Chains--2-min (1)

Reasons to book

Adding an industrial touch to your event, Aerial Chains with their real wrought iron chains create a unique spectacle for dark-themed or Halloween events.

Aerial Chains not only enhance the eerie ambiance but their adaptability can seamlessly blend in with the theme of most events.

With Aerial Chains, the aerialists suspended in mid-air, your event gets an edgy and thrilling element that will leave guests in awe.

Perfect for a variety of themes, Aerial Chains can bring a gritty and visually striking element to your event, making it memorable and captivating.

About the Service

Enhance Your Event with Aerial Chains

At Velvet Edge, we are well-known for transforming events into unforgettable experiences. We understand that your event deserves something special, that's why we offer our Aerial Chains performance.

Real wrought iron chains are used to suspend the aerialist, creating an edgy, industrial feel that's perfect for dark themed events or Halloween parties. However, the versatility of our performances ensures that this riveting display can be made to work for most themes. From corporate events to private parties, our Aerial Chains performance promises to leave a lasting impression on your guests, making your event truly unforgettable.

Available in Windsor and Essex County, ON

We are pleased to offer our performances throughout Windsor and Essex County, ON. No matter where your event is located within these regions, you can experience the thrill and excitement of this unique performance.

Our professional and experienced aerialist executes awe-inspiring moves high in the air, captivating your guests with their strength and poise. Trust Velvet Edge to infuse your event with the magic of live performance art.

Make Your Event Stand Out

In a world where most events can feel somewhat similar, an Aerial Chains performance by Velvet Edge can be the unique element that sets your event apart.

Our dedication to providing exceptional entertainment options, paired with our commitment to safety and professionalism, ensures your event will be an unforgettable experience. Let us help you elevate your event from the ordinary to the extraordinary with our Aerial Chains performance.

Experience Velvet Edge

Experience the Velvet Edge difference. We pride ourselves on our creativity, reliability, and superior customer service. Our Aerial Chains performance is just one way we can help you achieve your event goals. If you are looking for an entertainment option that will surprise and captivate your guests, Velvet Edge is the perfect choice.


What type of events would be suitable for an Aerial Chains performance?
Our Aerial Chains performance is versatile and can suit a range of events, from corporate gatherings, private parties, to Halloween or any dark-themed events.
Is the Aerial Chains performance safe?
Yes, safety is our utmost priority. Our performers are trained professionals who adhere strictly to safety guidelines while executing their performances.
Can the Aerial Chains performance be customized to suit my event theme?
Yes, we strive to make our performances work for your individual event theme. With our Aerial Chains performance, we can discuss and plan how to best integrate it into your event.
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