Aerial Lyra Performer (5)

Aerial Hoop / Lyra Performer

Aerial Lyra Performer (5)

Reasons to book

Elevate your event with an Aerial Lyra Performer, captivating your guests with a 5-8 minute impactful performance or setting a graceful ambience throughout the entire hour.

Whether using our rentable 20' aerial rig or your own venue, the versatile Aerial Lyra Performer can adapt to different settings, ensuring a seamless addition to your event.

Provide an unforgettable experience for your guests as the Aerial Lyra Performer showcases their incredible skills, transforming your event into a visual spectacle.

Enhance your event's atmosphere with the Aerial Lyra Performer, offering the perfect blend of breathtaking entertainment and elegance that will leave your guests in awe.

About the Service

At Velvet Edge, we understand the importance of adding a touch of elegance and awe to your event, which is why our Aerial Hoop/Lyra Performer is the perfect choice to captivate your guests and elevate the atmosphere. Our skilled and talented performer can be rigged on our own rentable 20' aerial rig or to your venue if the structure permits, ensuring versatility and adaptability to suit your specific event requirements. Our Aerial Lyra Performer can execute a 5-8 minute impactful performance that will leave your guests mesmerized, or fill an entire hour with graceful ambience that adds a touch of sophistication and wonder to your event.

Exquisite Aerial Lyra Performances for Every Occasion

Versatile and breathtaking, our Aerial Hoop/Lyra Performer brings a unique blend of artistry and athleticism to every event. Tailored to fit various themes and settings, the performance is ideal for everything from corporate events and grand openings to private celebrations and weddings.

The Art of Aerial Elegance

Immerse your guests in a world of elegance as our performer exhibits extraordinary flexibility, strength, and grace. The beauty of aerial artistry lies in the seamless fusion of dance and acrobatics, creating a visually stunning experience that elevates any event's ambiance.

Customized Performances to Fit Your Event

Our Aerial Hoop/Lyra Performer adapts to the specific needs and themes of your event. Whether it’s a high-energy, dynamic show or a subtle, ambient performance, we ensure a perfect fit for your occasion, making it unforgettable.

Enhancing Your Event with Aerial Sophistication

Choosing our Aerial Lyra Performer means adding a layer of sophistication and wonder to your event. It's not just about entertainment; it’s about creating an atmosphere of awe and admiration that resonates with every attendee.

Safe, Professional, and Captivating Aerial Acts

Safety and professionalism are at the forefront of our performances. Our skilled performer, coupled with our top-notch equipment, ensures a safe and mesmerizing experience for all.

A Lasting Impression with Every Performance

From the moment our Aerial Lyra Performer takes the stage, your guests are bound to be spellbound. The blend of artistic expression and physical prowess leaves a lasting impression, making your event a topic of conversation long after it ends.


Can the Aerial Lyra Performer accommodate a specific theme for my event?
Yes, our Aerial Lyra Performer can tailor their performance to complement your event's theme, ensuring the act fits seamlessly into your overall vision.
How much space is required for the Aerial Lyra Performer?
The space required varies depending on the rigging option you choose. Our 20' aerial rig would require a minimum ceiling height of 20 feet and a flat, stable surface for setup. If rigging to your venue's structure, we would need to assess the specifics of your location to determine the space requirements.
Can the Aerial Lyra Performer perform outdoors?
Yes, our Aerial Lyra Performer can perform outdoors using our 20' high Aerial Rig, as long as the weather conditions permit.
Can the Aerial Lyra Performer interact with guests during their performance?
Depending on the specifics of your event, our Aerial Lyra Performer can tailor their act to include some level of guest interaction, if desired. However, safety is always a priority, so the extent of interaction will depend on the performance setup and environment.
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